So you found the home of your dreams and successfully negotiated a price. The home inspection is over and you are wondering who is going to complete the list of repairs. Your agent calls with the news that the seller has agreed to take care of the issues found during the inspection. This is great news, or is it? Who will actually make those repairs? The seller may not be interested in using the licensed contractor which was recommended at the time of inspection. When a home inspector, who is a generalist, refers issues for further inspection or repair to licensed contractors such as an HVAC, Plumber, Electrician, Engineer, Roofing Contractors, etc, who are specialists in their field, it is for the safety of the client. A home inspection is a non-invasive inspection but when that contractor comes out, their inspection is much more invasive which often turns up additional items not found in the non-invasive home inspection. This is particularly true in cases where the issues found are actual safety hazards. Do you want to move in a home where the seller or a handyman made the repairs rather than a licensed contractor? What about what the potential undiscovered issues that falls under the statement “recommend licensed contractor fix this and anything else discovered”? If no contractor followed up, there is a good chance that other serious issues may go unnoticed.
So how can you protect yourself? Prior to closing, you can order a re-inspection for the home inspection, wind mitigation, 4 point inspection or a combination of these inspection services for a reasonable fee. We always recommend that you request copies of the seller’s invoices showing that the work was actually done by licensed contractors for your records. In some cases, you can negotiate the estimated amount for the repairs and have them done by the contractor’s of your choice after closing. You may have limited options depending on how your deal is structured and your Realtor can help you decide what is best for your situation.


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