Five Common Roofing Problems Every Homeowner Should Know

The roof of your house is the most important structure. This is because it is exposed to the outside conditions throughout the year which means it needs regular maintenance and attention. It is recommended to do a maintenance check for the roof of your house at least twice a year to identify and resolve any prevalent problems. Since the roof is more prone to developing problems, it is not unusual to encounter multiple problems during your inspection. However, it is essential to mention here that the inspection and maintenance visits should be carried out with great caution as the repairing process can become difficult and at times, dangerous.
To better understand the different kinds of issues the roof of your house can face, we have compiled a list of the five most common roofing problems.
1. Leaks
The most common problem faced on the surface of the roof is the presence of cracks or damaged shingles. According to a Denver roofing contractor, Severe Weather Roofing, to identify leaks, you should pay close attention to the area around and near the chimney, gutters, vents and pipes, as well as any places where the shingles are damaged. Leaks are not considered to be a major problem and can be resolved quite easily with the help of professionals. However, timely repair is essential for prevention of any major issues.
2. Water Damage
Because of the accumulation of water, snow or ice, the roof of your house can become more likely to face water damage. This moisture can then give an opportunity to problems such as mold. To avoid such water damage, it is best to get rid of the accumulation of water, snow or ice as soon as possible. Be aware of the weather habits in your area to help keep track of any accumulation possibilities.
3. Holes
At times, birds, squirrels or other animals can leave punctures and holes on the surface of the roof of your house. These holes and punctures cause damage to the roof by exposing the underlying materials to the outside conditions. You can easily get rid of such issues by seeking help from a professional and taking the necessary steps.
4. Poor Installation of Flashing
Flashing helps the roof of your house cover and seal the areas where different materials have been installed. If the installation of flashing has been done poorly, the roof of your house is more likely to encounter problems such as poor wind resistance, holes, and leaks. It is important to ensure quality installation of flashing.
5. Surrounding Trees
Another common problem is caused by the surrounding trees and their branches. When these branches are not trimmed properly, they hang over the roof of your house which gives wildlife a chance to visit the roof more often. Also, if you leave the branches unattended, they are at risk of getting detached and falling onto the roof resulting in greater damage.
All of these problems are extremely common and can be avoided by carrying out regular maintenance checks. If you wish to keep the roof of your house in good condition, proper and regular maintenance is crucial. Check out this infographic for more information.

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